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This Thanksgiving Day weekend I’ve thought of many things I am grateful for…primarily the people in my life. I certainly have an abundant life by any definition. The challenge I feel at the moment, however, comes from feeling overwhelmed with too much…more things than I can organize or take care of and more things that I want or need to do than I think I can get done. I try to blame this on outside forces, but in the end it is just me who has held on to things while acquiring new things or made time commitments. Even my job is my job because i choose for it to be. It is true that I am influenced by a culture of materialism and that is averse to slowing down. Slowing down often involves saying ‘no’ to friends and I hate doing that but I hope there is a silver lining that I am better company when I do say ‘yes.’ I have been consciously trying to slow things down but it requires letting go of some things and it is difficult to choose. I don’t have any answers at the moment…only the desire to clear out the clutter and slow down.

morning gift

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it was so quiet during my walk this morning that i could hear the university bell tower ringing in seven o’clock and then the melody of a lovely hymn that we sing at church. it is a hymn i love but did not grow up singing. i could not remember the words but the melody is expansive, portending optimism and hope for the day ahead.

What I am thankful for…..

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Hello world —

Though I try to spend some time every day thinking about what I am grateful for, Thanksgiving Day is when I actually sit down and write out a list…previously in a journal and beginning last year in my blog…now with a link to Facebook…I just reread last year’s list…many things apply but it also showed me how life has moved on…one of the things I am thankful for as well…Here is today’s list…

My family and friends (always)

The beautiful fall weather

My mother’s good health and contentment with life

Emily’s work as a textile designer

Max’s life in NY

Almost a year back at my current job and my smart, fun, committed co-workers


Greek yogurt

Finding a diet that works and makes me feel better

A renewed interest in cooking

Using my Pentax K1000 again…digital is amazing, but I still love film



Books on CDs from the library

All the books I’ve read or listened to in the past year and all the writers who wrote them

The poetry of Hafiz 

Trains, planes and automobiles

Travel over the past year — Bangkok, Hanoi, London, Ireland, NY, Carolina Beach, Boston, Baltimore, Charlotte….all fun.

Maple Spring Garden CSA

The Farmers Market

Glass Half Full

The Orange Co Artist Guild Studio Tour

The Playmaker’s Rep Co

Running, tennis

Deep tissue massage

and on and on….Thanks to my family and friends for being in my world…thanks to the cosmic forces that allow me to be in this space and time to enjoy all of this and more…Happy Thanksgiving!