About Cindy Waszak Geary

Cindy Waszak Geary’s life has been about movement through the world. She grew up moving around in the Southeastern United States  — as her father’s work  required it – until seventh grade when her family moved to Durham NC where she completed public school and then stayed close by to attend the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. While she had craved and found a home base in NC, she also found herself always ready for the adventure of travel.  She has worked for Family Health International as a researcher for over a quarter of a decade and has had the opportunity to travel to many countries not typically known as tourist destinations (though some are). Though sometimes travel can be physically wearing, she has always been at ease in new surroundings and cultures different from her own. Her experiences moving frequently as a child gave her the ability to figure out how to step into a new situation gracefully, make sense of it and enjoy the diversity of the human experience.

Cindy has always had an interest in art and felt pulled toward various forms of artist expression. While she lived in Sarasota, Florida as a child, she took art classes at the Ringling Brothers Museum of Art. She continued to take art classes in high school and college and was a member of the Womancraft arts cooperative while she was in college. She was influenced by the quiltwork of both her grandmothers and quilted for a number of years . Cindy grew up in a family where a camera was always nearby to capture family history, and she followed in this tradition. In addition to taking photographs of her children, Emily and Max (now in their 20s), she also took photographs to document her experiences in places where she was traveling for work – places where many of the people she knew had never been. She began to see the expressive power of photographs and took several courses from Ruth Pinnell, Diane Bloomfield and Alex Harris in the late 1990’s to improve her skills and learn to print her own photographs.

In 1997 Cindy won the Best in Show award for a photography contest conducted by the Spectator Magazine, a local arts and entertainment weekly, for her photograph “Hands (Shona Couple, Harrare, Zimbabwe).” The judges said of the winning image, “These people have a wonderful look on their faces: you can see the photographer really communicated with them. It’s a beautiful portrait.” Since that time, Cindy has exhibited her work in a number of shows, including the annual juried show, “Through Womens Eyes,By Women’s Hands” sponsored by the Chapel Hill Women’s Center (until 2006).  Cindy’s photographs were used during two different years for the show’s publicity artwork. In 2000 Cindy was commissioned to do a series of portraits of women involved in Women’s Center programs for a permanent exhibit that still hangs in the Center.  Cindy’s photographs also hang as part of a permanent group exhibit in the lobby of Family Health International in the Research Triangle Park, NC. Solo exhibits have included “Africa,” “Sacred Places” and “Two” in restaurants and bookstores in Chapel Hill. She also does commissioned work – weddings and portraits – from time to time, and has designed a CD cover with her photographs. Cindy joined the Orange County Artists Guild in 2008 and is participating in the Orange County Artists Studio Tour for the first time this year. She continues to carry her camera with her wherever she goes and hopes to keep sharing her view of the world with you through new exhibits, publications and this website.

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