zen masters

It is common in popular buddhist writings to talk about difficult people and situations in our lives as being our ‘zen masters’ because of the positive good/learning that can come from something that doesn’t seem so good at the time. I’m sure, I myself, have offered this thought to someone dealing with conflict as a way of looking for the silver lining. I have to say, however, that the past week or so, I have been in a couple of situations like this. I am especially averse to conflict and never know exactly at what point I need to say something to resolve a bad situation or just keep my mouth shut and move away. I usually do the latter, but sometimes I think I am shirking my responsibility…though actually I may have just had my buttons pushed because of my own issues, and should have backed off. In any case, what I have to say is this…it is true that with enough discernment these situations can be learning experiences and the people involved can be your zen masters…it is also true, that it can feel really awful in the middle of it and it takes a lot of will and letting go of being right to get to the place where you feel like you can be humble enough to admit your own mistakes and learn something….not something I will casually suggest to someone in the future unless I’m part of their situation.

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