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What I am thankful for

Posted in Gratitude on November 25, 2010 by cgeary

Hello World —

Gratitude is the path to a happy life. There is good and bad in everyone’s life and focusing on what is good in one’s life will make you happier than focusing on what is bad…and especially the bad that you cannot easily change. Focusing on the good things…what you are grateful for makes you more aware of them…gives you a more positive vibe…and then you attract more good stuff in your life. This may sound too new age-y for some people, but it is what I believe and what is true for me. I’m not saying I practice this perfectly, but I think if I always started and ended the day thinking about what I am grateful for I would be more content and satisfied and happier. And this is not to say we shouldn’t all have an edge that keeps us trying to make the difficult things better, to improve things for others and ourselves…just that it should start with a recognition of the good things, our strengths.

So — today is Thanksgiving — and the story that we have — whether it is reality or myth — reminds us that difficult times can turn into good times with a little help from our friends and that we should mark that with a feast and  a day of gratitude.

I like to make periodic lists of what I am thankful for — it certainly  seems            a propos for Thanksgiving — here is what is on my list today.

  • a two-day holiday that motivates us to think about what we are grateful for and gives us a break from our everyday routines
  • restaurants that serve Thanksgiving dinner (thank you Acme!)
  • everyone in my family — for the support they give me and the ways in which their lives take them into the world and extend my knowledge of the world through them
  • the beautiful fall colors in my garden (red, especially)
  • my work — I am leaving one job and going (back) to another in a week. I am grateful that I had the opportunity to make the first transition and now the second — I appreciate the lessons I learned in all of this and am ready to embrace the role I have to play in the work I do
  • my friends from whatever part of my life I find them — work, art, play
  • my church for inspiring me to think about how to be part of a community and the importance of working as a community for social justice — but also for the fellowship
  • the grace of new beginnings
  • the Mysteries — consciousness, the universe, the beginning of life, life after death, the beauty of the earth, time
  • the gift of creativity expressed through art
  • yoga
  • massage
  • running
  • tennis
  • the farmer’s market and other outlets for local foods — my CSA in the summer
  • health
  • the Y
  • my home
  • a president I respect
  • my iPhone
  • audiobooks
  • WordPress
  • digital photography and film
  • HBO
  • netflix
  • old family photographs
  • staying at home for the holidays
  • scotch, red wine, belgian-style beer (local breweries)
  • quantum physics…not that I really understand it, but it is mystery worth trying to wrap my head around
  • abundance, diversity, and the consciousness to experience everything.

Happy Thanksgiving!