Why I think Colorado is beautiful

My husband and I went to Colorado for a week in June. We had been to Colorado Springs several times to visit my brother Greg and his wife Jennifer since he moved there several years ago. I had never been there before he moved there and I know now why it has attracted to many people in the 70s. When I moved to Arizona late that decade for graduate school everyone kept thinking we were going to Colorado because that was where everyone heading west was going it seemed. (Arizona is beautiful too). Ron and I decided for this trip we wanted to see more of the state, so we started in Colorado Springs but then traveled around to see other friends and more of what there was to see.

Greg and Jennifer - Top of Pike's Peak

This visit we went up to Pike’s Peak…Greg and Jennifer ran the PP marathon last year so had trained a lot there and knew it up and down. It was harder to breathe at the top than I had expected.  And here is a tip — don’t drink as much as you usually do when you are at higher elevations. I learned this the hard way.

Then we drove a very out of the way route to Boulder — going on Hwy 24 through Wilkerson’s Pass and Breckenridge — on purpose to see something besides highway. It took a lot longer and we hit snow on the way but we were glad we saw what we saw. While we were visiting friends in Boulder we went to the national park and took a short hike around Bear Lake…stopped in small towns on the way. From Boulder we went back towards Denver to visit a friend who lives near Mooresville — saw the Red Rock Amphitheater — had dinner from Tony Rigatoni’s and then the next day did a longer hike from Bear Lake to Lake Loch. We had a long ride home that night through Winter Park. The next day we went to Fort Collins and did the breweries, ODells and New Belgium and stayed in a nice guest house. Before we came home we went back into Denver, my brother came to meet us, and we went to the art museum and walked a bit. Denver’s Pride parade a week before everyone else’s so that was just an extra bonus.

Linda and Larry on Linda's birthday

When I tell people about this trip I always start by saying that Colorado is so beautiful. In saying that though I think I am also saying the landscape is awe-provoking. I do love the deep color of the sky and all the many subtle shades of green in the grass and the trees and the mountains (til you get above the treeline) and the open meadows (themselves at a pretty substantial altitude) juxtaposed against the high high mountains — and the stands of aspens — and the vibrant lakes against all that background and the large meandering creeks that run through the meadows — and the obvious signs of the shifts of the earth’s layers of rock — the way that it is such a different place on earth than the one I live in most of the time — it almost seems otherworldly to me. When you are driving on the trail ridge in the Rocky Mountain National Park and go above the tree line and it is tundra and it is June and there are yards of snow on the ground I felt like I was on a different planet. And maybe that is not exactly beauty, but it did fill me with a sense of how amazing the earth is that there are so many different landscapes. And it feels so clean and fresh up there (though of course breathing was a little difficult). At one point during a day of hiking and then driving on the ridge on the tops of the mountains, after about the second overlook stop, I decided not to get out of the car. I was tired but I was also sated. I told my husband and our friend, “I’m all “awed” out…I’ve had too much awe for one day.”

I know there is much more Colorado beauty for us to see on future trips.

Bob and Ron the Loch Lake trail

Cindy at Lake Loch

Bike racks at O'Dell Brewing Company

Denver outside art museum

Evening sky in Denver near the airport

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