Back home…

It was a short trip…just a week. Very intense…very busy. I was meeting all the people working on the various aspects of the project and getting myself acquainted with all the usual implementation issues. The weather was lovely except for the one huge thunderstorm earlier in the week. My next trip will be sometime around February….travel to the Copperbelt and working with a smaller team. I look forward to it in a way that I have not looked forward to this kind of travel in a long time.

The trip home was long..over 16 hours in a 3 across window seat (I was unable to get an aisle seat and I am pretty claustrophobic)…but it really wasn’t too bad, which makes me think that if you are doing something you feel is important and get your mind wrapped around something…the difference between contentment and unhappiness is often in your head.

Enough said….here are a few more photos from the week.


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