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Posted in Light on November 30, 2009 by cgeary

Hello World —

During the past month, I made a major life transition — I changed jobs. I left an organization after 24 years there…an organization for which I feel much affection and gratitude…to go do similiar, but slightly different public health research, at another organization that I have known for many years. I feel some mixed emotions about the move, but mostly I feel positive about where I have moved to and my new work. It all fell into place in a way that made me believe it was meant to be.

I mostly use this blog to talk about art and so this may seem a little out of place. Except that, my job-related travels have fed my photography. In recent years I was traveling much less and this new job will give me a chance to travel again — in Africa — where many of my favorite photographs were taken.

In fact, I am in Zambia right now as I write this post. I have always done some journaling as I travel, but have always wished I had done more to capture the incredible experiences I have had. I’m not sure how much opportunity I will have to take photographs during this short trip, but I do intend to post something every day, and if possible, to include photographs in the post.

It has been an interesting first day…back where I have been before…where things are familiar but working with different people…very nice people all working hard on our project…the weather has been fantastic…the most pleasant breeze blowing through the outdoor restaurant. I did not get out that much so I can’t report on what is going on in Lusaka quite yet..(though in the hotel health club we watched a swing dance lesson…I’ve never seen that here before). It just feels very satisfying to be here.


2009 Open Studio Tour Follow-Up

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This is just a quick post to say “thank you” to those of you who visited me during the Tour this year. It was fun to turn my house into a gallery for a couple of weeks and meet a lot of very interesting people who came by to see my photographs and mixed media pieces. At some point I will use my website in a more direct way to sell my photographs and cards, but if anyone is interested in anything at this point, please feel free to contact me through the website ( about that.

OCAG Open Studio Tour 2009

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Orange County Artists Guild


Saturday and Sunday 

November 7&8, 14&15

Saturdays 10am-5pm, Sundays 12pm-5pm

This year I am studio 64. I am showing photographs from Africa and Asia, mixed media pieces & paintings. I also will have cards and a few small books. And there will be refreshments. Please come by to visit!


red square of joy (mixed media)

Norma on the edge of the woods (mixed media)

Buddha (Nara, Japan)

You can get information about all the artists on the Tour at