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Heart’s Desire

Posted in Light on February 17, 2009 by cgeary

Hello World  — 

A belated Happy Valentine’s Day!

As I have been cleaning up and organizing my art room this past couple of months, I have come across a number of art projects that I have started over the past few years but never finished. These were not photography projects but various kinds of mixed media…some collage with paper, some paintings, some with cloth…sort of quilting but not quite. I’m not sure why I had put them aside, but I don’t think it was for lack of inspiration. I think it was because I thought I needed to spend more time on my “serious” art. I’ve decided, however, that I still like all these ideas that I never quite finished and for the next few months I’m going to do some finishing up and then see what I have in the end and how they might (or might not) fit together into an exhibit — in any event they will be part of what I include in the studio tour this year. These works are mostly abstract and at this point what I can say is they are ways in which I’m exploring/playing with color and form and texture. Rather than things I can totally plan out , they come from an intuitive place inside me. This deciding to follow my he(art) felt apropos for valentine’s day…a gift to myself and eventually, I hope, a gift to others. 

happy valentine's day!