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Hello world — 

Hope re-entry back into work life  this past week wasn’t too difficult.

To get the new year started I thought I’d give you a quick update on where you can see my work —

I have several photographs and one painting on display (and for sale) at the new Hillsborough Yoga and Healing Arts. The photographs are mostly images of Buddha or details of temples taken in Nepal, Thailand and Japan. I plan to have note cards (and possibly small books) with these images for sale in their retail space. For more information about HYHA check out their beautiful website:

I recently had a mixed media piece — Time passing (At the beach) — included in an exhibit in the Target Gallery of the Torpedo Factory in Alexandria, Virginia. The show (running through today) is called 5×5 (x5) and featured works 5″x5″ or smaller. The Torpedo Factory is a very cool art space — please visit their website:

My collection of black and white photographs from Africa, I see you with my heart (africa) is on display now (and at least through the end of January) at the Chapel Hill Bible Church. There are also photographs on display there by a Kenyan photographer, Ken Oloo, taken during the riots last January. I met Ken while I was hanging my photos and got to see his larger portfolio of photographs — many of which are very powerful depictions of what happened in Kibera during the riots. He is currently doing an internship in Wisconsin. In Kenya he works with young people in Kibera on video projects in a program called filamujani. 

So that is it for the moment. I am submitting work in competitions, publications and for new exhibitions and  planning new work. I will update this space as there is news to share.

Take care, Cindy

The New Year

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Hello World,

Here is a poem that I had meant to share for the solstice but the New Year also seems an appropriate time to share it. It  was written long ago by my favorite poet, Hafiz.

God Pours Light


pours light

into every cup,

quenching darkness.


The proudly pious

stuff their cups with parchment

and critique the taste of ink


while God pours light


and the trees lift their limbs

without worry of redemption,

every blossom a chalice.


Hafiz, seduce those withered souls

with words that wet their parched lips


as light

pours like rain

into every empty cup

set adrift on the Infinite Ocean.


Many people are glad to see the end of 2008 — for a number of reasons it was a difficult year…BUT it was also a year to give us hope for the future. So 2009 is a year to make good on that hope…to make our individual contributions that will make the world a better place…to shine a light into the dark places…to let divine light shine through us.

One of my resolutions is to share more with you through my website and this blog. I’m still a little clumsy with the technology but I will try to work through that soon. So for now…best wishes for the New Year and let’s stay in touch.